Phil Daro makes a compelling statement about “Answer-getting”

Phil Daro makes a compelling statement about “Answer-getting”. It is so true, his generalizations about math teaching in the United States, and to think I was a major offender of this. However, teaching mathematics for understanding should be at the top of our priority list.  The Common Core’s focus and clarity gives us the time to dig deeper into understanding what were doing as opposed to going through the rules.   “In a field where fads have ruled, we are seeing something new: a growing commitment to the idea that clear and shared goals for student learning must give a foundation on which to improve education and achievement” (1999) the Common Core is not the end all, however, it is a start and a good one at that.

Stigler, J. W. and J. Hiebert (1999). The teaching gap : best ideas from the world’s teachers for improving education in the classroom. New York, Free Press.


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New Opportunities from the Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project

It is very exciting to be an educator now!  This is so true!  With the Common Core State Standards Initiative, the United States (most of the states have adopted them) have these common standards.  The best part is the opportunity to come together with a common goal, college and career ready students by 12th grade.  But what does this mean for the teacher?  Well the first thing that comes to mind is planning…we now will be planning and collaborating with many teachers from all over the states.  This will bloom into more collaboration and ability to share lessons with rigorous grade level standards.

Check out the following press release, the first step in aligning to these rigorous set of standards:

Common Core is developing new curriculum maps in Mathematics and in History/Geography. 

As you know, Common Core has been developing a set of CCSS-based curriculum maps in mathematics.  Now the New York State Education Department has awarded Common Core two contracts to create pre-kindergarten through 5th grade mathematics curriculum modules aligned to NY state’s Common Core Learning Standards (based on the CCSS).  Common Core also will be supporting teachers throughout the state during the implementation process through curriculum-based professional development. In addition to the CCLS-based maps for New York state, Common Core will continue creating a set of national CCSS-based curriculum maps.  Click here for a Press Advisory.

New Opportunities from the Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project.