web2.0 | Edudemic


The battle between cell phones in the classroom is loud and is quite a debate.  I personally feel that if all my students have a phone, why not use it to my advantage?  Let’s face it, Twitter and Facebook are our lives (at least a portion of the evenings) and students as well as adults tap into it on a daily basis.  Why not embed this into the classroom and our power points bringing a static slide alive with data rich results used to drive the daily instruction.

What web 2.0 is saying: “SAP Web 2.0 could be a great way to encourage students to start / keep using Twitter. It could also be a fun way to include distance learners who aren’t in the physical classroom. Taking an online class? Watching remotely? Participate via Twitter right in the presentation slide!”

What do you think??

web2.0 | Edudemic.